Empowering Ambitious Experts to Serve, Sell, and Stay Relevant, Even in Life’s Transitions. 

  • Leverage Your Expertise

  • Reclaim Family Time, &

  • Propel Your Business Forward with Virtual Events from your home or anywhere you choose.

That’s where the Create Your Virtual Stage Masterclass comes in! Don't let overthinking, over planning, wondering if others will show-up keep you from creating your own virtual stage that you can activate when you want to.
This is How It Works
The Create Your Virtual Stage Masterclass
May 9, 2024 @11am EST dedicate 60 minutes to do the masterclass work for YOUR BUSINESS (it will be SO worth it!).
May 9, 2024 @11am EST (Replay available for a limited time in the facebook group.
you will receive an email with the details of the masterclass.
Create Your Virtual Stage planning strategies will be posted in our private facebook group
where all the participants of the masterclass can share their work, ideas and results and get feedback and support from Denisha
Hi! I am Denisha Ferguson!
Are you ready to make a real impact with your knowledge by hosting your very own virtual event? Wondering why you should learn from me? Let me share a bit about my background: I've been working behind the scenes at countless events, mastering the art of event management and simplifying every aspect of production. With over 100 successful in-person events under my belt, I've transitioned to exploring how virtual events can benefit leaders and entrepreneurs like you. Now, as I care for my baby, I cherish every special moment – her first steps, her first words – and she wants me close. Hosting virtual events has been a lifesaver, allowing me to stay connected while being there for my family.
With over 20 years of experience in research and behavioral health, I've seen firsthand the struggles of caregivers and entrepreneurs in transition. Virtual events could have been a game-changer for them, easing overwhelm and allowing them to continue pursuing their passions.
What EXACTLY will I be doing in the Create Your Virtual Stage Masterclass?
You will have the blueprint to

Learn the Step-by-Step to Set-up Your Virtual Event this month.

Host an Engaging Presentation

Learn how to Promote and Fill Your Virtual Event

Learn a Simplified Tech Set-up

Learn to host your own virtual events from start to finish.
This all sounds great but what if….
...I don’t have 60 minutes to attend this workshop?
Can you afford to miss out on reclaiming your time, transforming your expertise into a profitable venture, and maintaining client connections while caring for loved ones or with your limited time building a business? Join us to learn how.
Refund Policy.
There are no refunds. Please only signup if you are committed to learning and or taking action!
...I need help or have questions?
No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group after you sign up, you can ask questions in the group and Denisha will answer questions in a standard format, if not individually to cover group questions.
What do you Say?
You're aspiring to speak on stages, make an impact, and earn income? If you're Facing family needs, growing your business or in transition? Leverage your expertise to grow your business while prioritizing family. Register below to empower yourself in both aspects of life.
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